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Best Erection Enhancers

What are the best natural erection enhancers, how do they work and are they better than prescription drugs?

In this article, we will answer this question and give you some advice on how to cure erection problems without having to use prescription drugs. You can find more on erection problems and what causes them on this site. Here we will look at the best enhancers and first of all compare man made drugs to herbal cures.

Man Made Drugs

Man made drugs such as Viagra in the majority of cases (over 70%) will help men who are suffering with ED get an erection but are the best erection enhancer?

In some cases men cannot get an erection any other way so for them, there the only and best solution to ED. There are disadvantages of taking drugs which include a number of adverse side effects which mean they are not suitable for a lot of men. In addition, you need to remember to take them before you have sex and finally, they do nothing to increase levels of sexual desire.

Herbal Supplements

These have the advantage of being able to get you a hard erection and they also stimulate levels of sexual desire at the same time so men benefit from the all round sexual experience. Do they have any disadvantages? The answer is not really, a minor one is you will have to take the best pills for a few weeks so the nutrients have time to take effect but this is a minor point and most men want a permanent solution to ED and the few weeks wait for them is a minor period of time.

Best Erection Enhancers

So far we have compared man made drugs to herbal sex pills and seen that man made drugs would have to be considered the best by some men, as its the only way they are able to get an erection and the best pill is not Viagra for most men - its Cialis.

In terms of herbal pills, what best erection enhancers do they contain and is there one best herb?

There is no one best herb because one single herb cannot cure all problems. You need a balance of herbs for optimum sexual health, just as you need a balanced diet for optimum overall health and wellness.

There are some herbs the best herbal Erection Pills will contain and there listed below.

In terms of getting more blood flow into the penis the best herbs are considered to be Horny Goat Weed, Cnidium, Gineng and Ginkgo Biloba. These herbs are also good for improving mood and increasing energy to and they will all normally be found in the best sex pills.

Other herbs which fall into the best erection enhancers are ones which boost sex drive and improve sexual stamina and Maca, Tongkat AlI and Tribulus are normally considered another 3 best erection enhancers.

You can read more about the best Herbal Erection Enhancers on this site and what they do. The ones that are the best will vary from man to man and be dependent on what the cause of their  erectile dysfunction is - stress or depression, poor blood flow or a lack of testosterone? The cause will determine the best erection enhancer be it a herb or food.

The Importance of Diet

We all know we should eat a balanced diet for optimum health and we have covered the best foods under Natural Erection Enhancers and you can read all about them and again, just as there is no one herb which can be considered the best erection enhancer its the same with foods – you need a variety.

Final Words

All men are different and the best erection enhancers for one man, will not necessarily be the best for another man. What you will find on this site is the best natural and herbal erection enhancers for all the different problems that result in ED. If you take them, you will find that you will soon be on the road to better sexual health and overall wellness so you can enjoy sex more and get more from life at the same time.

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